October 11, 2021

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Police arrested seven people including wife and mother-in-law in husband’s murder case

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Report . SS Kapkoti
News Delhi. Here seven people, including the wife and mother-in-law of the deceased, have been arrested by the police for the murder of a husband. The body of the deceased was found in a rotten condition from the drain. He was identified with the help of a tattoo made on the right hand of the deceased. Let us tell you that on August 10, the dead body of a person was found in a rotten condition from a drain near Sukhdev Vihar? Which was done with the help of a tattoo made on the right hand of the deceased.
Police said that a few days after Naveen’s murder, his wife Muskan had lodged a missing complaint with the Neb Sarai police station saying that her husband was missing since August 8. After investigation and interrogation, seven people including Muskan, his friend Mohammad Jamaluddin and Muskan’s mother have been arrested for the murder of Naveen. Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-East) R.P. Meena said that during interrogation, the woman revealed that she was at her house with Jamaluddin on the night of August 7, when suddenly her husband Naveen reached there and got angry seeing Jamal there. He hit Muskaan and injured her on the lips. He said that he further revealed that two friends of Jamaluddin who were outside after hearing the argument between them entered the room. Jamaluddin pressed Naveen’s mouth, while one of his friends, Vivek, held his hand and Muskan grabbed his legs. After this, another friend repeatedly stabbed Naveen with a knife.
After killing Naveen, Jamaluddin washes his body and Muskan cleans the blood from the room. The police said that they further disclosed that in the morning Jamal had shot a friend of his. Rajpal was called to dispose of Naveen’s body. They said Naveen’s blood-stained clothes were dumped in a drain in Chirag Delhi and Jamaluddin and his associates packed the body in a trolley bag and dumped it in a drain in Sukhdev Vihar.
Police arrested Muskaan and his mother Trija, his friend Mohammad Jamaluddin and his friends. Kosalendra, Vishal, Vivek and Rajkumar are arrested. According to the police, after the murder, the victim’s mobile phone, the auto rickshaw used to dispose the dead body and blood-stained clothes of the accused persons were recovered. He said that seven mobile phones of the accused have also been seized.

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